How Qudsi helped Muhammad Ali learn Arabic for a living

AQI has released a series of videos online showcasing Qudosi learning Arabic for his career as a fighter.

In one, Qudzi appears as Ali in a boxing match.

The two of them are shown exchanging words and words of advice as they spar in a ring.

It’s a scene from the HBO boxing series The Ultimate Fighter: Ali vs. KOTG.

Qudsi and Ali were best friends.

Qudos father was a boxer and Ali is the son of a former boxing champion.

Qudsi also helped teach Ali how to use the Arabic language in his early career.

In the video, Qudsis father and Muhammad Ali show him how to learn Arabic.

In the process, Qudi tells Ali that he’s a “big fan of Islam,” but says he was “never religious” before his time in the Middle East.

He also says he “didn’t really care about the religion.”

“I was just happy to learn a language and to know my parents, my father and mother,” he says in the video.

Qudsi and Ali both came to the United States in the 1960s.

Ali later went to Princeton and became a lawyer and writer.

Qudi came to America as a refugee from the civil war in Algeria.

Ali was born in Baghdad, Iraq in 1947 and raised in a small Baghdad neighborhood.

Quli, who was born and raised with his family in Baghdad’s al-Rai neighborhood, came to New York City in the 1970s to study law.

He earned a master’s degree from Columbia University.

Qudi was born on September 15, 1962 in al-Madinah neighborhood of Baghdad, but his family did not know he was a refugee when he arrived in New York.

Ali, who became a boxing champion, went on to fight in the 1950s, winning three of his first five bouts.

In 1962, he went on the cover of Sports Illustrated and was considered to be the greatest boxer of his generation.

He fought in eight of the 10 world titles he won, including the world title in 1963.

The next year, Ali retired after the 1967 Olympic Games in Mexico City.

He was inducted into the Boxing Hall of Fame in 1990.

In 2007, he became the first boxer to hold the heavyweight boxing world title.


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