‘How I met the woman who saved my life’: How I met my ‘soul mate’ and how she changed my life

The story of how a British woman met her ‘sinner’s soul mate’ in Arabic.

Her name was Amjad, she had spent her life in the UK, she’d spent her days playing video games and doing things she enjoyed.

But on her first day of her new life in Australia she had a problem.

She was pregnant.

She wasn’t sure if she was pregnant or not.

She knew the thought of losing her child had been an extremely difficult one for her.

But what really scared her was when she found out she was expecting a boy.

She had never had a child.

She’d had a baby twice before.

She’d even given birth to twins when she was a teenager.

She hadn’t been able to decide if she wanted to have another child, so she made an appointment with a GP and a fertility clinic.

Amjad was told the odds were pretty good.

She was going to get pregnant in two years, so a few months after that the doctor asked her to meet him for a consultation.

Amadad didn’t want to go to the doctor, she didn’t know what to expect.

But she knew the meeting would be good for her soul mate.

Amid the wait, Amjad met a beautiful woman.

When they met, Amadad was ecstatic.

He’d never met a woman he’d felt so happy about.

But he knew this was something that would have to be done.

The following day she gave birth to a healthy boy.

Amendaz was the first woman to have a baby who didn’t need to go through IVF.

But it was also the first time Amjad had ever had a real connection with someone.

She met a young man named Ali.

Amanda had met Ali when she first came to Australia.

They met through an online message board for people who’d had infertility issues.

Ali was a doctor and Amjad’s best friend.

She and Ali shared a love for video games, movies and music.

Amazad loved him and had told him she loved him too.

Ali had always been open and honest about his problems.

He told Amjad he was going through a rough patch.

Amagad felt it was his fault.

She thought Ali was doing the best he could, but he didn’t look after himself.

Ali’s story was different.

Ali would take care of his son while he was in hospital.

She would help him through the difficult times.

Amzad was devastated when Ali left for hospital.

But Ali was a very loving man.

He helped Amjad find a job and help her through the difficulties of life in her new country.

Ali also made sure Amjad got good support from her family.

They’d started dating, but after a year Ali gave up on her.

Amizad found Ali on Facebook and began messaging him.

She wanted to spend the rest of her life with him.

But Ali wasn’t satisfied.

He told her he couldn’t stay in Australia because he didn “want to be with someone who hates him”.

Amjad’s heart sank when Ali told her the reason he left was because of Ali’s “obsession” with her.

He was jealous.

Amangad told Ali that he’d never had someone who loved him so much.

She said Ali told him he hated her because she was Muslim.

Ali responded with, “I am not Muslim”.

Amizab said Ali’s behaviour made her feel “betrayed”.

Ali said, “Don’t tell me you are Muslim and I love you?”

Amizad said she did love Ali and that he loved her.

Ali told her that if he didn.

he would never be able to feel love for her again.

Ali wanted to move out of Australia.

Ammadad told her not to worry.

Ali had left her because of his obsession with her, and because he wanted to be “better”.

Ali told Amazad he was never going to love her again and she would be better off without him.

Amandad had no choice but to leave Ali, but she didn.

Ali continued to ignore her.

When Ali died in 2014, Amazd’s life was changed forever.

She knew that she had to make a decision.

She had to decide who she wanted in her life.

Amizid had told her it was a good time to decide.

Amznad knew she had one month to make up her mind.

Amirah decided she wanted a man who loved her and who cared for her and had a great family.

She decided Ali had been a great influence on her life and she wanted him to live out his days with her in Australia.

She felt that Ali was the perfect man.

She loved him, she wanted her children, and she’d always been a feminist.

She thought Ali would help her find a career and she could make a living as a mother.But