Which verse of the Quran is the most relevant?

It’s the verse that says the angels came to the earth.

It’s not necessarily the most important, but it’s the one that has the most direct relevance.

If you think about it, the angels come to the Earth from heaven.

The angels are the ones who make the heavens and earth.

They can’t make themselves by themselves.

They’re the ones that put the earth on the ground, they’re the people that are in the earth, they put the sky on the earth and so on.

They are the people who are making the heavens.

That verse was revealed in the beginning of the world and has been revealed since.

There are many verses in the Quran that are very, very specific and very, specific about what happens to angels.

But it’s not the only verse that deals with angels.

In fact, there are many more verses that deal with angels that have nothing to do with angels at all.

You see, the verses that are about angels are called the “prayers” of the angels.

You have to understand that in the verse where they pray, they are speaking to the angels in heaven.

If the angels had only spoken to humans, they would have only been talking to the people in the world who are in heaven and they would not have been praying to the God of the heavens, the God who was talking to them.

So the angels have no special place in the prayers of the people.

In other words, the only thing that they pray to is the people of the earth in heaven, because that is the only place in which the angels are praying.

And if you look at the verses on the other side of the prayer, they do not pray to the heavens because they don’t believe in the angels, because the angels do not believe in anything.

You can think of it this way: the angels don’t care about the human world.

The human world is just a metaphor.

The real angels care about their own lives.

They care about what they can do, what they have, what the world can do.

They really do care about life.

They do care very much about their lives and what they are doing and the blessings that they can bring.

So you can see the very, VERY, very, basic truth of what the angels want to do in this world.

But what does it mean for humans to pray to them?

If you look back to the verse from the Quran in which God says, “Allah, your Lord, your Most Merciful, is the Lord of all,” what does that mean?

The answer is, God wants us to pray for the angels because they are the servants of God.

They keep the peace of God and are his agents.

They protect us.

They give us the good news.

They provide us with the news that is most important to us.

So it is very clear that God is very,very, very happy to see that we are doing good.

If we are good people, God is happy with us.

He is very happy with the angels and the angels is happy.

So what does this have to do, really?

You see from the verses in which Allah says, you know, to be happy and to pray is very important for the servants, the servants are very happy.

They don’t do anything.

They just do nothing.

The only thing they do is nothing.

They only pray to God and that’s it.

So why do humans do anything at all?

The Quran says that it is to worship God and to worship him and to be grateful for him.

The Quran tells us, “You know, you should worship God.

You should give thanks to him.

You shouldn’t do any harm to him.”

The Quran also tells us: “And do not ask any other god except Allah for help or help.”

So the Quran says, thank God and thank Allah for all things.

The people of this earth worship Allah and they have done so for over a thousand years.

And that’s what the Quran wants us do.

We should do the same for God.

We need to do the very same thing for him and we need to pray in the same way that the angels pray.

And in fact, you see in the Quranic verses that we have discussed so far, the people worship the angels who have come down from heaven, they worship the people, they give thanks and they praise God.

And God is pleased with us because he is very pleased with them and he is pleased to see our good works.

You know, it’s very clear in the Bible, in the Torah, in our Bible, and in many other places that God wants to see us do good.

God is satisfied with us doing good and he loves us doing what we are asked to do.

So there are very many verses that talk about the relationship between God and his creatures.

And we are reminded of the Bible story that tells us that God had a plan and he was very, extremely good