Which Quran 5 verses are most important?


The following are the most important verses of the Quran: “Fight those who disbelieve as they fight you, but do not transgress as they transgress you.

Allah is Forgiving, Merciful.

Know that Allah is All-Hearer, All-Wise.”

[3:152] “And fight those who kill the prophets and those who do what is unlawful in religion.

They do not have the right to ask permission for a single thing.”

[40:8] “Fight the Pagans wherever you find them, and take them as allies.”

[5:51] “Obey Allah and obey Muhammad.”

[24:42] “But those who believe and obey Allah, indeed, they are the ones who are the true believers.”

[25:37] “So fight those (non-Muslims) who do not believe in Allah nor the Last Day, nor do good to those who have no religion except Islam, until there is no compulsion in religion.”

[8:63] “Nor let the believers take the disbelievers as friends, nor let them dwell with those who are disobeying Allah and His Messenger, nor allow them to do good in the land, until they pay the Jizya with willing submission.”

[2:159] “Do not ask your fathers or your brothers to leave you until Allah makes clear to them that you are the rightful inheritors of the land.

And Allah is Knowing, Wise.”

[7:65] “Those who believe not, indeed they are disbelievers.”

[9:62] “Allah is All Knowing, Knowing.

Know Him, and know that He has guided you and His servants.

So fear Allah and keep Your duty to Him.

And obey Allah and follow Him.”

[4:94] “Say: ‘Ibn al-Qayyim, your Lord is Allah;’ and ‘Abdullah bin ‘Amr, your Master is Allah.’

Say: ‘Allah, Most High, is the Most Generous and Most Merciful.'”

[4-5:25] “Indeed, Allah has sent down the Quran to you and He has revealed it in clear and simple language.

So if you want to know the truth, seek it out.

And if you cannot find it, take a copy of the book and read it in its plainness.”

[29:29] “No religion except Allah and the Last day, and the religion of truth, and what is in it is the Religion of Truth.

It is better that those who fight you should be the losers than that you should gain victory.”

[14:69] “What is the religion?

It is to fight against the disbelieving people until there shall no longer be any religion but Islam.

And when you see them retreating in the path of Allah, then you will know that they have been expelled from Islam.”

[18:50] “There are two kinds of people: those who know but do wrong and those whose minds are completely void of knowledge.”

[33:33] “The religion of Islam is to make war on the disbeliever until there will be no religion but Allah.”

[19:38] “Ibn Abbas said: We said to Allah, ‘O Allah!

We have been wronged by you, O Muhammad, and we have been deprived of the benefit of the Book.

But Allah has given us the power to judge the right and wrong, and to make peace between them, so we must seek reconciliation between them.’

And He sent down this Verse, ‘When you see the disbelieved people retreating in their way, then know that it is Allah who is most righteous.”‘

[4a:42-43] “Verily!

Allah is ever Merciful and most loving to His slaves, to His slave women, and His slave children, and those with whom He pleases.

He forgives, and He gives forgiveness, and pardon.”

[32:30] “When Allah has granted a blessing to you, then give it to others.

Do not be envious of what Allah has bestowed upon you.”

[11:31] “A people who do wrong is not fit to enter Paradise.

Allah has cursed them with Hell.”

[37:33-34] “Be careful and be patient; do not let your hearts be arrogant.

Be patient and be mindful, for Allah loves patience.”

[10:36] “They say: ‘We are disbelieved.’

So we should disbelieve them, because we disbelieve not in Allah and He Alone.

Allah, the Most Wise, has made clear to us what He has done for us, and it is He who guides and guides whom He wills.”

[36:52] “If you fear Allah, obey Him.

If you do not fear Him, then do not worship Him.

Do good, and fear Allah.”.

[33-35] “We are in disbelief, but we are not envious, but fear Allah