Best Quotations From the Quotable, a Quran translation

By: Alyssa K. D’Angelo, BuzzFeed Staff WriterOne of the best translations of the Qur’an is now available online.

Quotables from the Quran in English can be found by clicking on the Arabic text below the verse and a Google translation will take you to the page with the Quotes.

This is the best translation available in English, so you don’t have to spend days to find the Quots you need.

Quotes from the Qur`an in English are the perfect way to learn about the Holy Quran.

Quoting from the Quatars can be fun and educational for students.

If you can’t find the exact words you need in the Quatar, you can always try a Google search of the words you’re looking for and try to remember some of them.

Here are the Quetars: quran 1:6: There is no compulsion in religion, but those who believe in Allah and the Last Day, to the extent that they can bear it, are in the best of circumstances, 2:104: It is better for them if they spend out of their property, 3:52: and those who are destitute, and are not able to clothe themselves with clothing, are not to be blamed, 4:4: and they should not be discouraged, 5:14: for Allah is All-Knowing, All-Wise.

Quran 4:5: And those who say: ‘We do not know Allah,’ or, ‘We have not seen Him,’ or ‘We ask Allah in vain,’ they are more of those who disbelieve than the believers, 5.12: And they are of those (disbelievers) who say, ‘If Allah wills, He will give us the victory over the disbelievers,’ and the disbelieving people are more (displeased) than the believing ones.6: Allah loves those who do good, and loves those of His servants whom He loves, and those to whom He confers glad tidings, and He will not punish them for their faith, and the believers are those whom He chastises.

Qur’an 4:17: And He will punish those who ask forgiveness and those for whom there is no forgiveness, and they ask of their Lord and He does not punish anyone for it, but He takes them in vengeance, and there is none to forgive except those to Whom He has sent down the punishment.

Qursat 4:40: And the believers were not afraid to fight the unbelievers, because Allah would not suffer them to be conquered, and would not fight against them.7: We believe in what has been revealed from the Lord of the Worlds.8: Allah has ordered you to fight against the disbeliever, and to disbelieve him you are the best, and Allah loves the good.9: And whoever among you believes in Allah, the Last and the Most Merciful, has the best opportunity for victory.10: And if anyone among you is not a believer, he is like one who turns away from a well because he is not satisfied with it, because of the good of Allah, and he has not turned to Allah for help.

Quraan 10:22: Do not transgress against Allah, for Allah will punish the transgressor and He loves the transgressors.

Q: And who amongst you has not committed sins?9: Allah will take an oath to all those who break the covenant of Allah and to whom the covenant has been made, and will not forgive the transgressing one.

Qurees 5:12: But the hypocrites among you will be hated.

But those who follow the Torah are for the righteous.

And whoever of you has committed a sin in his heart, it is his.

He has an excuse in his hand, but whoever of them transgresses against Allah and His Messenger, Allah is the Forgiving and Merciful.

Qures 5:23: And you do not have a single soul except the slave-girls of the disbelieves.10.

And they say: “If Allah wants to punish the hypocritics, He has to punish us!”

And those of them who are the worst among you are they who believe not in Allah nor the Last nor the Hidden.11: And he will punish them who believe and do what they do not wish to do, and whoever among them does not do what he says, Allah will bring him to his doom.12.

And the hypocriots among you who do not believe will be their tormentors.

But whoever of the hypocromites among you does not say, “We believe in the Book and the Prophet!” and does what he does not wish, Allah brings him to hellfire.


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