The Quran is a treasure trove of hidden knowledge

The quran is the book of the Quran.

But what is it, and what does it contain?

And how did it come to be, exactly?

I’m joined by James Risen to find out.

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There’s nothing more important than a sacred text, and in this case it is the Quran, the book that is the backbone of Islam.

In the Quran you find the laws of the universe, and you find a clear outline of everything that the universe is and is not.

And the law of Allah is the absolute law of God.

And that’s where all the problems begin.

The law of the Quranic law is a law of nature.

So it is a natural law.

And it is something that has been around since time immemorial, so that’s why it’s a law, that’s the nature of nature itself.

But it is also a law in a completely different context.

So the Quran is the first law that is revealed to man, and that’s because the Quran was revealed by God, in order to establish the truth of God and to establish His authority over His creation.

That’s what the Qur’an is for.

The Quran is a divine book, and God has created it and it has been revealed to mankind and it is in His hands.

The Prophet Muhammad, on the other hand, had nothing to do with this, he was merely the messenger of God, and he was sent by God.

So he was not sent by the Quran itself, which is God’s law.

He was sent from God to mankind.

That was the only reason for the revelation of the law, and so it was something that God revealed to him.

The reason why the Quran contains the law is because of God’s revelation to Muhammad, and there is no law in the Quran but what God revealed, the law.

It is the law that Allah has revealed to Muhammad.

But he is a messenger, he is the one who is given authority over mankind, and Allah’s authority over Muhammad is the authority that the Quran has.

So what is the point of the Quran?

Well, it contains a few verses that were written by Muhammad himself, but he is not the only one who wrote them.

It also contains verses that he has revealed, and those are some of the verses that we use in the law as well.

So if you were to go into the Quran and read them, they would be very different.

If you were just reading them to learn them, you would learn that it’s an authoritative text.

It’s a book that Allah gives to mankind, that is a book with an authority that is not based on what the Quran says.

It has an authority, and it’s based on the revelation that Allah gave it.

It was revealed to Prophet Muhammad and that revelation is a revelation of God Himself, not the revelation.

So Allah has created a law that God himself has revealed.

And this law is called the Quran because it is revealed by the Holy Spirit, not because of any divine revelation.

So there’s a lot of different verses in the Qurʾan that are inspired by the Almighty.

We use some of them to write our law, some of which are inspired from God.

For example, the first verse is the verse that we always use in our law.

The Holy Spirit has given it to Muhammad as a revelation from God, but it’s not inspired by God himself.

It contains the revelations of Allah.

And Allah’s revelation is an inspiration, not God himself, and we use that revelation to write the law because we want to be guided by it.

The second verse is a verse that is completely inerrant, because the Holy Ghost has given to Muhammad the Holy Quran.

It cannot be anything else.

So Muhammad is just a messenger sent by Allah.

It doesn’t even have to be divine to be inspired by it, it just has to be something that is inspired from Allah.

The third verse is also inerrancy, because it’s God himself who gave it to us, and this is what the Holy Prophet is supposed to do.

It says that he must fulfill his duty, and I think that that is what he should do.

So you have two obligations that he’s supposed to fulfill.

You have the obligation to obey the law and the obligation, and the third obligation is to follow the law without breaking it.

And he is supposed do that.

So he’s a messenger from Allah,