Why did the Quraan not say, ‘You are not a prophet’?

What does the Qur’an say about Muslims?

Why is it that some Muslims believe it is a scripture and others do not?

It seems that a lot of the Muslims believe that the Quran is a revelation from God and some do not believe that it is the word of God.

However, it is not clear whether the qur’ans message is to be understood as one of revelation or one of belief.

In fact, the Qurean is a text of history and not a book of prophecy.

What is the main meaning of the quran?

The Quraanic texts, which are divided into four books, are a compilation of the Quran written by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) on his own initiative.

This was a time of great change in the religious community.

Muhammad was known as the Messenger of God and the Qur’an became the primary source of revelation for Muslims.

Muhammad’s teachings became a major source of inspiration for other Muslims and inspired many other religious movements in the Muslim world.

What do the verses say?

The four main Qur’anic verses, which deal with the life of Muhammad (pbuh), are: Quran: Surah 2:173 – The Day of Resurrection is near and has not yet come.

Quran: 4:34 – The Hour is near when you will see it and the day is clear for those who believe.

Quran 9:62 – The Muslims have been sent with the truth (tafsir) and God is the One Who has sent it.

Quran 5:33 – Allah has sent you with truth (sulay) and He is the Lord of the worlds.

Quran 19:25 – God is One, all-knowing, All-Wise.

Quran 32:20 – God created the heavens and the earth in six days and the night.

Quran 35:13 – The angels will guide you (O Muhammad) in the Hereafter (sajjil) when you return to Him.

Quran 40:23 – Allah says: “Verily, My servant Muhammad has revealed the Quran, and He knows everything.

The Messenger is the Most Merciful.”

Quran 5/60 – The people of the Scripture (tasimah) are the ones who are closest to the Truth and have revealed it.

This verse is often translated as “those who have revealed”.

Quran 9/6 – Those who are in ignorance and do not know that the Holy Quran is the truth and the Book that we are commanded to believe, will surely go astray.

“Quran 2/12 – Those in the way of the Book and of Faith (taqlid) have come to the wrong way.

This is the verse of warning to those who are unbelievers.

Quran 16:18 – “Allah is All-Knowing, All Knowing.”

The Qur’ans warning against disbelievers is also followed in the Sunnah of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be upon his family and companions) who was one of the earliest Muslims.

The Prophet was the one who made the qurbani (i.e. verses) the primary means of revelation.

The Qurans teachings have been used by Muslims to guide them towards God and to spread their faith.

This may be the reason why Islam has always been based on the Quran.

What are the meanings of the other quran verses?

There are many other verses in the Quran which contain religious teachings which are not revealed to us.

For example, the Quran says: God has revealed to Moses (Allah bless him and give him peace) the Torah, the Gospel of Thomas, and the Holy Qur’aan (Surah 7:69) to Moses, Jesus, and Maryam.

The Quran also says: The Messenger has revealed unto you the Book of Allah and He has revealed it to Moses.

Quran 2:183 – You are a Messenger and a Messenger has been sent to you by the Lord.

Quran 4:19 – You (O believers) have been appointed by Allah to be witnesses over His Messenger and over his family.

Quran 8:31 – There is no god but Allah.

Quran 10:1 – There are no gods but Allah, so worship Him and follow not the folk of the unbelievers, for Allah is their Lord.

Allah says in Surah 10:21: Allah has revealed in His Book (the Quran) to the Prophet Moses (peace on him and his family), and to the Apostle of Allah Jesus (peace upon him and the family).

The Quran says in the Holy Book: And to Moses and Jesus (Peace upon them) the Lord has revealed: ‘Verily God has sent the Messenger Moses (Peace be upon them), and Jesus, the son of Maryam (Peace and blessings be upon her).’

Quran 2 :181 – And (O Moses) we are witnesses against the people of Israel; and against those of the tribe of Benjamin and against the Jews.

Quran 6:30 – And