What’s going on in the world of Pokemon Go?

In celebration of the release of Pokemon GO, IGN has put together an in-depth look at the Pokemon GO app in the hands of its own in-game trainers.

Read on for our thoughts on the game’s launch, the challenges of capturing, and the future of Pokemon.

The game itself is very similar to the Pokemon franchise.

It uses the same basic gameplay mechanics that Pokemon and the older Pokémon games had, but adds new elements that make it unique from the rest of the genre.

For example, trainers are able to catch Pokémon by walking around the map, collecting items, and then taking them to the trainer in the next area.

This means that you can catch the same Pokemon that you are battling in the real world, as long as you are within the same region and time zone.

You can also catch Pokemon without actually entering the world, but you’ll have to use a certain Pokemon to catch them.

The Pokemon you catch will then be in your backpack for you to use in battle.

You then receive a message on your phone from your Pokemon trainer telling you where the Pokemon are.

You must then choose which Pokemon you want to catch.

You’ll be able to select one Pokemon at a time, but not select more than one.

You may also select a trainer in your vicinity to pick up the next Pokemon you need to catch, and once you’re ready, you’ll receive a notification.

These notifications will notify you if a Pokemon you have picked up changes its location.

Once you’ve selected a Pokemon, you can then battle the trainer, and you’ll be notified if the Pokemon is defeated.

The main difference between Pokemon GO and the Pokemon games is that Pokemon GO doesn’t have a “catch” button.

Instead, it has a “move” button that will allow you to quickly move a Pokemon around the area you want it to be.

This can be done by pressing the “Move” button twice, or by holding down the “X” key.

The “Move X” button will send you to the gym where you want the Pokemon to be, which is where you’ll catch them, and where you can send them back to.

The catch button will be hidden by default, but it can be unlocked by going into the “Settings” section in the game.

Once you’ve caught the Pokemon, it will give you a “thank you” message that will say something along the lines of, “I’m happy to help you out!”

The message will go away after a few seconds, and your trainer will say “You got me a little bit of a treat.”

You’ll then receive another message that says “Congratulations!

You caught a Pokemon!”

The Pokemon will then give you some coins, and they’ll also tell you the name of the trainer who caught it.

If you’re in a certain region, the trainer you sent it to will also give you another message.

After this, you will have to wait a while for the next trainer to catch it, which takes around 10 minutes.

Once your Pokemon is caught, you receive another “thank-you” message, which will give your trainer a shiny Pokemon.

The shiny Pokemon will be a new Pokemon, and will be much stronger than the last Pokemon you caught, but the trainer will still give you the coin.

You will also receive a “pokemon” to use to level up your Pokemon.

This will allow your Pokemon to evolve, and it can also be used to help your team level up.

To do this, select your Pokemon in the Pokemart.

You will then have a menu where you will be able see your “level” and the “pokedex” for that Pokemon.

To use your Pokemon, just choose it from the list of Pokemon in your “pokes.”

Once you select it, you should see a message saying that you “got” your Pokemon!

It will also tell the trainer to keep it and return it to you.

If you don’t have any Pokemon to use, you may find it easier to just leave them at home.

You could also catch a Pokemon from the Pokeball, and send it to your friend to level it up.

In the game, you must select the Pokemon you wish to use from your “Pokeball,” and then select “Select a Pokemon.”

The Pokemon must be at the “Pokedex.”

You will be given a “POKEMON!” to use for the first time, and if you’ve received one, it’ll be your new Pokemon.

You should then choose to level your Pokemon up.

If the trainer didn’t give you their Pokemon when you wanted it, that means they have another one, and this one will be your level 1 Pokemon.

If they did, they will give it to the next person you speak to, and there will be an “I can’t remember this trainer’s name” message.

If the trainer doesn’t give your Pokemon back after you’ve given it to them, it’s best to just send it back to


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