‘A Quranic school’: A school in Iran that teaches Quranic verses

Iran has built a “Quran school” in the northern city of Qom, a state-run news agency reported on Tuesday.

The report, quoting the semi-official IRNA news agency, said the building was completed in the southern city of Shiraz and will be operated by the Islamic Republic Islamic Republic Foundation.

Teachers at the Qom school have been trained in the use of Quranic texts and had been given permission to use the Quranic phrase “I am the Messenger of God” on their desks, IRNA reported.

The institute, which opened its doors in December, was announced in April by Iran’s Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, who called for the establishment of Islamic schools in Iran to “strengthen the religious life” of the nation’s youth.

Teacher Mohammad Hossein Makhmalbaf told the IRNA the Qumshat school was “the only place in Iran where the religious teaching is available in the way it was taught in the past.”

Teachers have been required to complete a five-month mandatory course in Islam, before they can work in the Islamic republic’s schools, which are administered by the Ministry of Education and Culture.

Teaching in Iran is strictly prohibited under the country’s strict religious law, which has led to a large number of students in the country who have been detained in recent years for allegedly “offending” the countrys “correct” interpretation of Islam.

Teachings in the Qamishli province of northwestern Iran have been banned since 2013 after the country was forced to adopt a new constitution that was adopted to counter the Islamic Revolution of 1979, which swept the country from a semi-autonomous Islamic republic to an Islamic republic.

The reform was designed to remove the countrymen’s authoritarian and religious-based authoritarianism, but it also has left many Iranians in power unable to reform their nation’s constitution and political system.