The Islamic State’s ‘Islamic State’ in 5 pictures

The Islamic Republic of Iran has released a short video in which a masked man appears in the background of a video posted online by the group.

The video, which is dated November 18, appears to show the leader of the Islamic State (ISIS) in the town of Bijan in central Iran.

The masked man says he’s “the commander of the military and the leader in Bijani Province.”

The video says ISIS has seized Bijans provincial capital, Bijah, and other cities.

The ISIS leader is depicted wearing a black cloak and black gloves.

Iranian media outlets have not identified the man, but Iranian officials have long accused the group of plotting attacks in Iran.

In recent months, Iran has taken the lead in fighting ISIS in Syria and Iraq.

The United States has been supporting the government of Iraqi President Fouad Siniora in his battle against the extremist group.ISIS was also active in Iraq before the U.S.-led coalition launched its campaign against the group last year.