Crypto-currency has been around for more than 3,000 years, experts say

QURAN STAND, Pakistan — A new coin is in the works that would give crypto-currency users the opportunity to buy, sell and exchange digital currencies, but the founder says he is worried about what the government is doing to stop the currency.

The Pakistani-born Amir Taheri is the founder of Coin.

Mobi, which he founded in 2016 to offer crypto-currencies, but he has faced a number of regulatory and legal issues, including his own case.

“The government of Pakistan is doing nothing to prevent this, nor is it banning it,” Tahera said.

“What they are doing is just creating a situation that people can’t control.”

Taheri says he wants to help the crypto-community, but has received a lot of resistance from the government.

He says he received a call from the Prime Minister’s Office in February advising him not to launch the coin.

Taher, who is originally from the United Arab Emirates, said he received several calls from the prime minister’s office.

The government has asked him to meet with officials from the Ministry of Finance and the National Development Agency (NDA), a spokesman said.

Taether, who has worked as an advisor to various Pakistani and foreign governments, says that he has been receiving phone calls from some of the government officials, asking him to withdraw the coin from circulation.

“I asked them to take a look at it and see if there’s a better way to run it,” he said.

He said he has yet to hear back from the NDA and the Ministry.

Taheli says that while he does not expect the coin to be outlawed in Pakistan, it is a warning sign that the government may want to change the way it operates.

He says he will continue to work to get the coin out into the market, but hopes that the cryptocurrency will be regulated in a way that allows users to trade it without going through government-run channels.

Tahers efforts to launch and its other products are currently being funded by a Chinese company called Coinfactory.

He said he expects to reach the funding goal in three to four weeks.

Taheli said that the NAA is already looking into issuing cryptocurrency licenses, but will be looking at the regulatory environment before doing so.

Tahemi said is also a coin that could be used as an alternative currency in the country.

He also said that he plans to create a cryptocurrency-related news outlet to help educate the public about crypto-assets.

Taheei said that Coin.

Mu is an experiment that will be rolled out over the coming months, but that he hopes it will be successful and that Coinmu can be used to introduce new users to crypto-economic issues.


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