What is the meaning of the Quranic verse, “I am with you in every battle”

Iqra, a popular online store for clothing and accessories, has become a global destination for Muslim women and their loved ones after the terrorist attacks in Paris last month.

Iqras store has been shuttered for good.

Iquaria, which is based in London, had just raised $25 million in funding from investors including Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg and Andreessen Horowitz co-founder Vinod Khosla.

It’s one of several businesses in the global clothing business that have been shut down as a result of terrorist attacks, including the popular clothing chain Forever 21.

IQra has raised $20 million in Series A funding from Facebook’s founder Mark Zuckerburg and Andreas Pinchuk.

The company, which sells women’s clothing, accessories and more, had a valuation of $2.7 billion.

“The company has been completely destroyed by the terrorist attack in Paris, which has made it very difficult to operate and to stay open,” the company’s founder, Misha Dibbani, told CNNMoney.

The online retailer has been operating in a closed environment since the attacks, which left 129 people dead, and shut down its mobile app, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

The site is available only in Arabic, and Dibbs said he could not speak to the specific customers that were affected.

He added that the company is “very, very sorry” for the impact the events have had on its customers.

Iiqra had been the first online retailer to open its doors for Muslim customers.

Its first shop was opened in October 2017.

“I was so surprised, and so shocked,” said Iqna, who asked to be identified by her middle name.

Iqya, who works in the fashion industry, said she has been following the Iqrahs story on social media. “

We are very excited that we can reopen our shop and sell clothes to Muslim women in their favorite colors and styles.”

Iqya, who works in the fashion industry, said she has been following the Iqrahs story on social media.

“It’s very hard to say whether Iqrāb [sic] is real or not, but it feels real.

It feels like the truth, I really feel that,” she said.

Iqraq’s business was also affected by the events in Paris.

In the wake of the attacks in November, Iqratab opened a store in the city of Marrakesh, in Tunisia, that sells clothing for Muslim girls and women.

“There are so many Muslim women that are affected by terrorism, so this is just a way for them to express their grief, and express their sorrow,” Iqraf said.

“To see the way Muslim women are affected is just so beautiful.”

Iqtra is also shutting down its online store and website in Arabic and Arabic only.

Its remaining store will remain open and carry the Iqtrahs brand, which was designed by Dibs and is based on Islamic designs.

But in the coming days, Iqtras customers can shop online at the new Iqtraq store and online store at the other Iqtrak stores in Tunisia and Morocco.

Iqtrab’s Facebook page has been inundated with messages from angry Muslim women who have been targeted by Iqrab and their Muslim brothers, and some of the customers have posted their own messages on social networking sites, including Facebook and Instagram.

The hashtag #IqtraisAway is trending on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as people post messages in Arabic about the store’s closure and the pain that has been felt by Muslim women.