Why do you pray? – Quran recitment

This is the first in a two-part series looking at why the Quran is recited.

Quran recitations are a way of communicating with God, the Quran and the world.

They are a means of making God known to mankind.

They’re also a way for Muslims to learn about the teachings of the Prophet Muhammad.

Quranic recitation is the act of reciting the Quran.

The recitation process begins with the mouth of the prophet.

This is a natural phenomenon.

This happens naturally with us all.

It happens because the mouth moves forward and back, while we are speaking.

We are able to hear the words in our speech and understand what they mean.

This helps us understand our surroundings and communicate with God.

Qurbani recitation begins with a simple recitation of the Quranic words.

Each reciter says the words of the Quran slowly over and over, reciting them in one breath.

The words are spoken slowly and deliberately, as if reciting a poem.

The Quran reciter then pauses for about a minute or so.

During the pause, the reciter focuses on the recitation.

The more the reciters focus on the words, the more they are able understand them.

It’s the repetition of the words that makes the recital so important.

In some parts of the world, recitation can be slow and awkward, like when the reciteer is talking to a person who can barely read or write.

In other parts of Islam, the practice is extremely fast, and people can hear the recitations with their own ears, ears that are deaf.

The sound of recitation makes the Quran so powerful that people cannot hear the verses themselves, but rather the words.

This has been a great help in many Islamic communities for centuries.

This practice is also very common among Muslims today, who have learned it from the Prophet.

The Quranic recitments can be very powerful for Muslims, and are also used as a way to help people better understand their religion.

It also helps people understand the teachings and the people behind them.

When people hear the Quran recited, they become more knowledgeable about Islam.

It is a way that Islam helps to make the world a better place.

The Prophet Muhammad used to say that reciting Quran was like breathing.

It made him feel better, and allowed him to focus on what was important to him.

His companions used to recite Quran at night, but that changed after he died.

The Prophet used to recite the Quran during the day.

This was done to help him relax and have more time to reflect on his life.

The Quranic prayers are a perfect example of this.

The word for the prayer is Allah.

The verses of the prayer are in Arabic, which is the language of Islam.

The Arabic word for prayer is recitat.

It means to pray.

The first time you hear the word reciter reciting Allah’s prayer, it feels good.

It makes you feel good, even though you don’t have to do it.

It reminds you of your Creator.

Then you go back to your own life and pray, just like you would normally.

The recitators also use recitations to communicate with their families.

Some people use recitations to express affection, but reciting prayers is a very powerful way of expressing your feelings.

The most important thing to remember is that the Prophet taught the Quran to his companions, so they would also be taught the word of God.

The same is true for Muslims today.

The first recitation the Prophet did was after the death of his mother.

His son, Muhammad, was born shortly after her death, so the Prophet had time to read the Quran before his death.

This gave the Prophet a great amount of time to ponder over the Quran, and to learn its teachings.

The second recitation was after Muhammad’s death.

He had already gone through the death and resurrection of the Lord Allah and had also received the revelation that Allah had sent him to lead Muslims in His way.

He was now ready to lead them in His path.

So, the Prophet took his time to reciter the Quran again, reciter for one long moment, then he began reciting it again.

His reciter said, ‘This is the second time I have recited this Quranic verse.

I will repeat it again and again until I have done it three times.’

This time the recited words were in Arabic.

This means Allah’s words were spoken slowly, and with his mouth closed.

Then the Prophet began reciter again.

This is what the reciting of the first recital looks like.

In the second recital, the words were recited slowly and clearly.

The prophet’s reciter now began recited his own words over and above the words recited by the Prophet’s recititer.

This reciter continued to recite the words slowly and carefully, and then said Allah’s name and said, I am the Lord