Allah Quran, Quran background butler is killed in Pakistan

A butler who worked for a British-based Muslim cleric was killed in Lahore, Pakistan, police said Sunday.

Muhammad Shafiq, 45, was the subject of an investigation after he allegedly posted offensive messages on social media, police spokesperson Khyber Pakhtunkhwa police station said in a statement.

He was also involved in online protests against the blasphemy laws, the statement said.

Shafiq had worked at the Shafiya mosque in the city for a decade, police spokeswoman Mujibur Rahman said.

She did not give further details on the circumstances surrounding his death.

The police spokesman said Shafiaq had posted on social networking sites that the blasphemy law was unconstitutional and should be repealed.

Shafiyatullah Akhtar, another member of Shafiqa’s congregation, told Reuters the cleric was “very popular in Lahori”.

“He is a very popular guy,” Akhtar said.

“He was a very, very good man.

He loved his job.”