What is hijab in Quran?

The Islamic Republic of Iran has issued a new regulation to require women to wear a head covering while in public and state the hijab is the most important part of Islam.

The new law will go into effect on March 2, and the first 100,000 women who have been registered will be issued the new hijab by the end of this month.

The head covering will also be mandatory for all public and private employees.

The religious law also prohibits women from working outside their home, and it will be illegal to sell alcohol, which is currently legal in Iran.

A new law passed in the Iranian parliament in April requires women to cover their heads during religious festivals, including Eid al-Fitr, and prohibits women who wear tight clothing from going to certain public places.

The law also bans women from wearing the hijab on public transport.

The bill also requires women who receive the state unemployment benefits to wear the hijab.

It does not specify whether or not the hijab will be compulsory for those who have completed military service.

“This law is designed to protect women’s rights,” Iran’s deputy foreign minister for women, Ebrahim Raifat, told the country’s state-run IRNA news agency.

“We are working towards a system that is more inclusive and in accordance with Islamic values.”

In the new law, the Islamic Republic also bans wearing the face veil, which covers the eyes, mouth and ears.

Women who wear the face covering face coverings will be considered to be “morally unclean” and will be fined up to $20,000 (US$17,600).

The head coverings, which cover the face and hands, are not required on the street.

Women are also not allowed to take part in sports or public gatherings.

Iranian women are also banned from driving, as well as from driving to or from work.

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said that the new regulation was necessary in order to protect the “moral rights of women.”

Iran’s parliament approved the legislation on March 3.

“The Islamic Republic firmly believes that the hijab, which represents the symbol of modesty, should be worn by all citizens of the Islamic republic,” the parliament said in a statement on March 4.

“Hijab is the main pillar of Islam, and all of its citizens must respect the Islamic laws, and abide by them.”

The new regulations will be effective in 30 days.

Iran has not issued a hijab ban since 2012.

“It was a political move, not an economic decision, and there is no reason to make it mandatory,” said Neda Karimi, a Tehran-based analyst at the Council on Foreign Relations.

“In the end, it will only serve to increase the number of female workers and women without a hijab, who will be more exposed to discrimination.”

The hijab is a head cover that covers the face.

It is usually worn by women from the East and South Caucasus region.

“Iran is not a Muslim nation, but Islam has its own laws and rules that allow for the right to wear any head covering, including the hijab,” Karimi said.

“A woman’s right to dress modestly is not just a political one but a fundamental right that has to be respected.”


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