A group of students in the US say the Golden Quran is the only book they are allowed to read online in the U.S.

By SUSAN DICKSTEIN, Associated PressAssociated PressThe Golden Quran, also known as the Holy Quran, is a collection of verses from the Koran.

It is available online through various websites including Quranpedia, the University of Notre Dame website, and some universities.

The Islamic religious scholars believe it was written by Muhammad, the founder of Islam.

It was first published in the 7th century and is considered to be the first Islamic book.

It has been translated into English, Arabic, Turkish, and Hebrew.

The United States has been the home of the Holy Qur’an since 1947.

A U.N. panel in 2017 recommended that the U,S.

Congress establish a global text of the Quran as part of its commitment to fighting terrorism.

The U.K. and France have been considering a similar effort, but the issue has yet to be taken up.

The Holy Quran has been on display in many mosques since the 1980s, and it is often read in religious ceremonies.

Many Muslims say the Koran is the word of God and its meaning is not a political document.

It’s not a guide for what’s right or wrong.

It doesn’t give guidelines.

It gives a way to think.

It tells you how to live your life, said Imam Ahmad Abu Bakr, an imam at the Al Azhar Mosque in Cairo, Egypt, in the United States.

He said it’s a text that Muslims are allowed, and even required, to read.

Abu Bakr said the Quran is a divine document, and he would read it, even if he didn’t agree with the interpretations given in the text.

“I would like to believe in it,” Abu Bakr told the Associated Press by phone.

“The Quran is not political.

It isn’t a law book.

There are different interpretations of it, and that’s fine.”

Abu Bakr is among about 200 imams in Egypt who signed a letter to U.E. President Donald Trump in February saying the Quran “is not a law” and is not an “international instrument of coercion” that should be used to impose Islamic law on the West.

“We call upon you to use your influence in the West to remove the threat of Islamic terrorism,” the letter said.

It said Islamic schools should be banned from teaching Islamic values in the schools, and Muslim communities should be allowed to teach in non-Islamic places.

The letter urged Trump to make the text of Islam “available for free” online.

Trump has said he doesn’t think it should be included in the new U.n. global text.

But he has said it would be up to Muslims to decide if they want to see it.

Islamic scholars in Egypt have said they believe the Holy Book is the final word on Islamic teachings.

They say the Quran was created after Muhammad’s death in 632, when the prophet was around 80 years old.

The book was the work of many scholars, including the Prophet himself.

Many of those who authored the Holy Koran also were Muslim, including Abu Bakr.

The first edition of the Koran was completed in the early 6th century, and many scholars said it was inspired by Muhammad.

The holy book, according to the scholars, was translated by Muhammad in his lifetime.

Abu Zakaria, a Muslim who founded the Islamic Center in Philadelphia, said the Holy Prophet was an inspiration for Muslims and that it is a holy book.

“It is the book of the prophets, the book which the Prophet said he would write after his death,” Abu Zakarias told the AP by phone, referring to the Quran.

He added, “I think it is the Holy Bible.

If you want to go to a Bible study class, that is not the book to go.”

U.S.-based cleric Abu Bakr Al-Mansur, who heads the Islamic Association of North America, said it is wrong to take a position on the Quran or to argue that the Koran should be read.

The Quran is an interpretation of the holy book and is an Islamic book, he said.

“If you want it to be read, then it should not be in public,” Al-Alam said in a telephone interview.

He added that a verse in the Quran, known as Surat Al-Baqarah, states, “Those who disbelieve will be cast into the fire and will be tortured, and they will be stoned to death.”

“The Qur’anic text is the ultimate authority for everything that Islam teaches,” Al-‘Alam added.

“There is no authority for anything else.”

The U.A.E.-based Council of Islamic Ideology said the Qur’ans teachings are based on a religious tradition.

It also said that in its interpretation, the Quran has nothing to do with politics.

It says that there is only one God