What does the Quran have to do with terrorism?

The first verse of the Quran contains a section on “the punishment of disbelievers”.

It states: “Those who disbelieve in Allah and His Messenger, and fight against Allah and his Messenger, shall be killed in their homes, and in their houses they shall be beaten and their hands and feet shall be cut off.

They shall not be allowed to enter nor to leave their homes nor to go out from them.

They [disbelievers] shall not return to their homes until Allah makes them see good in their hearts.”

There are a number of verses that mention the punishment of those who fight against the Prophet, such as this one: “And those who turn back [from fighting], then they shall bear witness against themselves in the presence of their relatives and the orphans and the wombs of their women.”

There is also another verse that states: “Those who turn from fighting, and Allah is with them, shall bear testimony against themselves before their relatives, their brothers and the children of their kinsmen.”

This verse is similar to this one, which says: “But those who disbelieved in Allah, and fought against Him, shall surely be killed and their children and their property shall be seized and taken for a trial.”

While there are numerous verses that say that the punishment for those who refuse to fight against Islam is death, there are several that say it is only punishment for killing disbelievers.

For example, the following verse says: And those (who refuse to) fight, and are not believers, shall ye be killed: and their blood shall be upon them: and they shall not attain unto life, neither shall they see the day of resurrection.

The punishment for fighting in the name of Allah is death and the punishment is death for killing.

This verse also says: Those who turn away from the truth and fight in the cause of falsehood, shall suffer the punishment and the chastisement of Hell.

The following verse is more specific about those who are not Muslims.

It says: They are those who do not believe in Allah.

And those who say: We are Muslims.

They are not permitted to enter or leave your houses nor to visit you, nor to take you for your wives, nor any of your property.

They shall not approach you except as you direct them, and if you are a Jew or a Christian, they shall offer no resistance.

They are forbidden to enter your houses except to serve you or your property, and they are forbidden from taking you for a meal or from drinking you wine.

And they are to be killed.

They have no right to enter the land which Allah hath reserved for them; but if they seek it, they will find it.

This is the punishment in the land of the infidels. 

(9:25-26)The verses on the punishment also say: “When they [disciples of Allah] are in the ranks of the believers, their hands shall be on their swords, and their feet shall not rest, nor shall they be allowed by you to enter, nor from where you may go, nor let you enter any of the towns or cities.”

The following verses also state: When they turn away and fight the Muslims, then their hands are on their weapons and their legs shall not let them go.

And their hands will be on the sword and the foot shall not fall.

And if they do not fight the unbelievers, then they will be slain; their property and all that they possess shall be taken for trial.

And whoever takes the life of one of them shall be a disbeliever, and whoever takes his life, shall perish with him. 

The punishment of killing is death.

This does not apply to those who choose to fight in support of Islam, such a person can be killed by being killed in a religious battle.

It is the same punishment as if a person is killed for refusing to leave a place where he is wanted, for example, a funeral procession.