When Islamic State militants attacked an Iranian university, some students were scared to come out

The Islamic State is making good on its promise to “purify” Iran’s Islamic Republic and has reportedly executed Iranian scholars who are critical of its rule, according to local reports.

Iran’s semiofficial ISNA news agency said on Thursday that the Islamic State had executed some Iranian scholars and had targeted the university of Khorasan in southern Iran.

According to ISNA, the Islamic state also targeted the Iranian Academy of Sciences in Tehran, killing several scientists, including a senior professor who had published research on the effects of Islamic State propaganda.ISNA also said the Islamic group had detained a senior Iranian official and ordered his arrest.

In June, ISNA said a senior Islamic State figure had been killed in Tehran after being targeted by the Islamic militant group.

ISNA did not provide further details.

The Iranian government has accused ISNA of fabricating the death toll and that Iran is being targeted as a retaliation.

Iran has denied the accusation.


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