How to read a Quranic verse without the help of a dictionary

The Wall St. Journal, January 6, 2020, page 3 article The Islamic Republic of Iran, one of the most powerful and influential nations in the Middle East, has launched a project to digitize its own Arabic-language dictionary, and to allow students to study in English or Arabic.

The Islamic Republic said on Monday that it would begin to digitise its Quranic dictionary, known as the Quraish-e-Siddiq, by mid-2016.

It is expected to be used in schools, and for use in universities and institutes.

Quran, the Quranic book of Islam, is the most important book in the world, said Hossein Ghalibai, the president of the Iranian Council of Islamic Heritage.

The government has been looking for ways to promote education and cultural exchange.


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