Why do people read the Quran?

New Scientist is pleased to present this new article on how the Quran has shaped the way we live, work and study.

It is based on research conducted by researchers from the University of Oxford and the University at Oxford, with the aim of understanding the influence of the Quran on our lives and understanding how we can influence the Quran to shape our own beliefs and practices.

In this article, we explore the impact of the Bible on Muslims.

We then consider the ways that Islam is different from Christianity.

We also examine the impact the Quran is having on Muslims in different parts of the world.

The article opens with an introduction by Dr Ahmed al-Basha, a leading scholar in the field of religion and religion-related studies at the University, and then explores how Islam has shaped our understanding of the Koran and the history of its interpretation, and explores the role of religion in shaping our lives.

The book ends with an examination of the relationship between religion and politics, and asks what impact religion has had on politics.

The Quran has been described as “the ultimate document of Islam”, and has been seen as the ultimate guide to political, social and economic issues, from the time of the Prophet Muhammad up to his death.

In his book, Muslim and Non-Muslim: An Historical Introduction to Islam, British historian Dr Richard Dawkins describes the Quran as “a book of miracles” and the Qur’an as “an infallible and holy text”.

This is a book of great power, he writes, “as a living, breathing document which has a profound impact on the way people think, act and think about themselves and the world around them”.

As Dr Dawkins argues, the Quran “has been the foundation of the way Muslims have understood themselves, and the way the world has seen them since the days of Muhammad and the Prophet Abraham”.

It has also shaped the political outlook of many Muslims, and has influenced how we perceive and interact with each other.

Religion and Politics, by Dr Richard D. Dawkins and Andrew Roberts, is published by Oxford University Press on 28 April 2018.

This article was originally published in New Scientist.

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