Which is better – the Qur’an or the bible?

Q: What is quran?

A: The Book of the Law of Allah.

Q: Is the quran better than the bible for the Muslims?

A : No.

The quran is an authoritative and reliable source.

It is the word of God and has been revealed to Muhammad, who was the prophet of Allah from the beginning.

It tells the history of humanity and of the world around him, as well as the history and destiny of all mankind.

Q, Can you prove that the quranic verses are correct?

A. Yes, you can prove that they are.

You can find out more about how to do this here.

Q; Why are Muslims so eager to study the quri?

A:, Because they are taught that there are four books, one for Muslims and two for non-Muslims.

Each book has its own meaning and contains different revelations.

The meanings of the four books are as follows: 1.

The Qur’anic.

The Quran is the Holy Book.

It describes the universe, history, and the affairs of the human race.


The Gospel.

The gospel of Jesus Christ is a Gospel written down in the early centuries of the Christian era, and it tells the people of this world about their heavenly destiny.


The Tradition.

The Christian tradition is the life-long tradition of the Christians.

It contains the teachings of the apostles, prophets, martyrs, and martyrs themselves.


The Sunna.

The tradition of Muslim jurists is the traditions of the Muslims.

The sunna contains the rulings and laws of the Muslim faith.

Q:, What do you say about the verses in the qarif?

A.: There are some verses in quran that are not in the gospel of koran.

For example, there is one verse which is in support of the idea of God’s unity, i.e. the Quraysh who live in Arabia, but they are not included in the verses of kuran.

Also, there are some other verses which contradict each other in other parts of the quraan, but are not mentioned in the gospels.

The other major difference is that some of the verses contradict eachother in the koran and are not part of the Qur`an.

Q.: How do I know whether a verse is in the Qurʾan or not?

A., You can read the text of the verse, which is called a surah, by looking at its Arabic title, or the Arabic word for verse, called surah.

If you are interested in more details about the meaning of each word in the word, such as its pronunciation and the number of syllables it has, you should read this article.


What are some common mistakes made in reading the qunās?

A, Some people make mistakes when reading the Quranic verses.

For instance, they make the mistake of saying that one verse in the bible says something about one thing and another verse in qur`an says something different.

The verse in which one verse says something, such the verses about heaven, earth, angels, animals, and humans, is called the one and the same.

This is a common error because the word “one” and “another” are used together, whereas the word for the verb “to say” is used separately.

In this way, people who read the Qurans and gospels do not understand the meanings of each verse correctly.

This also causes a lot of confusion.

Q., How do you know if a verse in a Qur’ānic text is the correct verse?


If you find any error in a verse of the Quran, you need to verify the verses with the person who wrote it.

If this person is a prophet, then he will verify the text, and you should verify that the words in the text are the same as what is written in the Quran.


What are the differences between the different versions of the Bible?

A,, The Bible is a collection of books and stories written down by men over many centuries.

It has been edited, condensed, and condensed several times by different people.

In the Bible there are also various grammatical errors and contradictions that have been added over the years.

The most significant differences between these different versions are in the order in which the books are numbered.

The Bible contains some books which have been edited down and condensed, while others have been omitted completely.

Some of these books are called the Old Testament, the New Testament, and even the Koran.

The difference between these books is that the Old and New Testaments are considered by some scholars to be the word books.

They have been translated into various languages and have been interpreted by different religions.

Some scholars believe that the New Testament is the inspired word of Allah, while other scholars believe the Old Testament was a revelation from God.

Q,, Why are some of these differences in the Old, New Testam