‘It was the only way I knew how to say goodbye’: Dad of boy killed in Paris attacks describes how he spoke to him in final moments

His father, David, who was in the same family as the victims of the Paris attacks, described how he told his son how to tell the story of his journey.

David had travelled from Ireland to Paris for the annual commemoration of the 1789 revolt against the French monarchy.

He spoke to his son as he walked down a Paris street, the family’s own streets littered with flowers and teddy bears.

“I was on the ground in Paris, I saw his face, I knew I was going to lose him,” Mr David said.

The tragedy of the attack had hit home for the father.

I saw his father, I didn’t want to live with him anymore, he said.

David had travelled to Paris from Ireland.

At the time, the French Revolution had already become a global phenomenon.

It was a moment of profound and unspeakable suffering for the nation.

Mr David, a retired engineer, said his son had been in Paris with his friends on his way to a football match and had been stopped at the railway station for about five minutes.

They were stopped by the security services, he explained.

In the meantime, the police, who had taken over the country following the coup d’├ętat, were also on the scene.

Then, the gunmen entered the station and opened fire.

His father, who now lives in Australia, said that as he was talking to his own son, he realised that they had to find a way to end their lives.

My son, David says.

We were on the verge of the end.

When we were standing on the platform, a group of people approached and started shouting, “You will die, you will die!”

His dad said that the officers came to his aid.

‘You had to die for me'”They were saying, “If you kill him, we will kill him!

“”It was an absolute nightmare.

I just couldn’t imagine that anything could happen to him.

Afterwards, he remembered thinking about what it would be like to have his son in his arms again. “

When I said goodbye, I was so sad,” he said in a telephone interview.

Afterwards, he remembered thinking about what it would be like to have his son in his arms again.

During the funeral, Mr David was visited by members of his own family.

One of them told him that they knew his son and had asked him to tell his story to a relative.

But his father was adamant he would not.

That was the end of the father and son relationship.

On Saturday, Mr Hollande was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize.

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