What’s the Quran? Here’s the answer: a Q&A

The Quran is a living and breathing book, and the Q&am;ers who read it are not just humans, they are also divine beings who have the ability to communicate with God.

There is a special section in the Quran that deals with this.

In this section, the author says: God is not like a human being.

The world has no soul and He is not a human.

And He has no consciousness and has no will, and His knowledge is complete, and He knows everything.

So, God is the only creator of this universe and all things, and no one has the power to interfere with Him, nor to take from Him what He has created.

(Quran 4:31) There are many passages in the Bible that speak about the fact that God is eternal, that He has infinite power and that He is omniscient.

In fact, the Qur’an tells us that God has “all power”, meaning He is the ultimate authority and creator.

The Qur’anic text also speaks of God’s power over the earth and His power over mankind.

And the Quranic verses that deal with the creation of the universe say that God created the heavens and the earth, and that the heavens are the “places of your (the human) eye”, and the Earth is the “place of your eyes”.

These words also appear in the Book of Genesis, the book that is considered to be the Bible’s definitive work on the creation and history of the world.

Here’s a look at some of the verses in the Qur`an that deal specifically with the earth: 4:33 God created Adam and Eve and said to them, “O Adam!

Where is your wife?”

4:36 God said to Adam, “You have created your wife; she is a virgin.

If you are pleased, then you may take her as your wife and multiply her children.

But if you are displeased, then take one of your other children and lie with him and be in his place, for he is a righteous person and righteous women are those who keep their promise to their husbands.

If one of them dies and leaves the husband and is killed by the other, then she is his equal.”

4:41 God created Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and said, “Your daughter, your wife is a beautiful woman, she is called Mary, she will be your wife.

She will be the mother of six sons and will bring forth two more sons, and she will bear them into the world.”

4.42 God said, ‘O Abraham!

You are the first born among mankind, you will be ruler of the earth.’

And Abraham replied, “No, Lord.

I am your servant, and I will be obedient to you.”

4-43 And God said: ‘O Isaac!

I have given you the daughters of all mankind, and you will not be able to keep them.

Therefore, I will create for you a son from your loins, and he will be called the ‘Prophet of the Last Day’.

4:44 God said [to Isaac]: “You are the mother and the wife of the prophets of the last days.

And I have sent you to them.

And you shall be his equal among them.”

4,45 God said – to Abraham: “I have given your daughter and your wife, and your son Isaac is your equal among all people, and Abraham is your God and you are his slave.

And whoever obeys me will be like the angels who came before you.

4:46 God said “You shall be my servant, for I will protect you, and whoever protects you I will also protect my servant Isaac.”

4 – 47 God said (to Abraham): “If you obey me, I am the God of Abraham.

4-48 God said”If you believe in me, you are the servant of Abraham, and if you do not believe in him, you shall have no protection.

And if you disobey me, God will destroy you.

And God is Oft-forgiving, Most Merciful.”

4 : 49 And God made a covenant with Abraham and with Isaac: “You and your daughter, if you keep my covenant, you and your child, if I forgive you, I shall make your descendants like you.”

And God loved Isaac more than Abraham, for Isaac kept God’s covenant and kept God.

4.49 And God blessed Abraham, saying, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth with your seed, and multiply and fill it over a thousand cubits.”

And Abraham was sixty years old.

Abraham had five sons and five daughters, and they are still alive today.

And they are the heirs of Abraham’s descendants, and there is no one like them on the face of the Earth.

4 – 50 And God saw Abraham and said [through Moses]: “I am the Lord, I do not forget you.

Be fruitful and replenish the earth. 4