How to interpret the Quran

Quran is the most revered scripture in the world, and there are many different translations of the Holy Book, with many different interpretations.

There are many people who try to interpret different versions of the Qur’an, but what about the actual words in the Quran?

Here are the most important points that you need to understand before you start.


The word ‘Quran’ has the meaning of a ‘living book’.

It is the ultimate living book and is a document written by the Prophet Muhammad, the last prophet of Islam.

It contains the wisdom of the Quran and the traditions of the prophet’s family and companions.

The Quran is the living testament of the Prophet, the prophet of God and the founder of Islam, and it contains the stories, traditions and prophecies of the prophets before them.


The meaning of the word ‘dua’ is not a personal statement.

The Prophet Muhammad used dua in a number of different contexts, from when he was writing the Quran to when he spoke to his companions.

When the Prophet is speaking, he often says dua ‘I testify that there is no god but God and Muhammad is his prophet’.

He does this by quoting from the Quran, and he repeats what is written in the Qurans chapter and verse.

He then says dauq ‘I swear by God, I do not know what I am saying.

I swear by Allah, I swear to God.’

In the same way, we can use the word dua to express the truth or lack of truth in the verses of the Bible, or the stories in the Bible.

When we say dua that means that we are not aware of anything that has been written in these books, and we can be certain that we know them for what they are.

For example, in the Old Testament, the word used for God is ‘elohim’ and the word for man is ‘hos’.

This means that the word God is in the words God is, but man is not.

Similarly, in other languages the word translated as ‘god’ is also used in the same manner.

In Arabic, the same word is used for both the word god and man, which is a common and accurate way of expressing the same concept.


The Qur’ans words are written in Arabic script, not Hebrew.

In Islam, the Quraysh are the true descendants of Abraham, but their religion is different to that of the Jews.

The reason is that the Qurayza were not the descendants of Moses and the Hebrews.

Islam was founded on the Quranic words and traditions, and they are the only one to ever know these words and these traditions.

This means the words and ideas contained in the Holy Quran can be found in no other book than the Quran.

For this reason, the meaning and purpose of the words in Quran can only be understood in terms of the text of the holy Quran.


The words in a word have meanings.

This is very important to know because words are used to express meaning.

In English, for example, the words ‘favourite book’ and ‘best-seller’ are both words that refer to the qualities or qualities of a book.

When a person wants to express his/her desire for something, the first step is to look at the text that contains these words.

For instance, if you are looking at a copy of the bible, you will often see that the first words that appear in the book are ‘this is my word’.

The word I use here means that I want to express my desire to read the book.

The second word, ‘this’, is the word that the book contains.

If you want to find out how to use the words that you want, you have to look up the word or words that the bible uses.

If it is a dictionary, you can look up any word that you can find.

If the dictionary does not contain the words you want and you do not want to look it up, you need only to search for words on the internet.

If your dictionary does contain these words, you must also look for the word you want.

You can search the word on Google and you will find the words listed in the dictionary.

Once you find the word, you then have to type it into the search bar at the bottom of the search page.

This will give you a search box that shows all the words.

You have to find the exact word in the bible that you are trying to find.

It can take a while, so be patient.

The Bible is full of word meanings.

There is a word called ‘dabab’, which means ‘to cut’, and ‘sabah’, which is the Arabic word for ‘breath’.

There is also another word called, ‘dabad’, which has the same meaning, but it is more specific and refers to a certain type of animal.

This can also be a word that is used in Arabic to describe a particular type