What does the Qur’an have to do with English?

A reader sent Fox Sports a query asking what the Qurans meaning is, and what the translation of the Quran looks like.

The article, titled Quran with Translation, is published on the website of the Islamic Association of America, a non-profit organization that focuses on Islamic law and Islamic studies.

The query was shared on Twitter by the Muslim Institute, which is an affiliate of the American Muslim Public Affairs Council.

The institute is a non­profit Islamic organization that promotes the “principles of Islam” and seeks to “ensure that Muslims have the opportunity to exercise their religious freedom in America.”

The question posed to Fox Sports is part of a broader inquiry about the meaning of the Qurʼans meaning to the American public.

Fox Sports reached out to the Islamic Institute for comment on the question, but received no response.

In a statement on its website, the institute said, “The American Muslim community is the largest Muslim community in the world and it is our duty to promote and defend the teachings of Islam.”

The Islamic Association for America has a long history of criticizing the use of Islam as a source of Islamic law, which the group believes is contrary to American values and to the law of the land.

It also has criticized the inclusion of the word quran in the Quran, and has called on the Quran to be translated into English.

Fox News’ Ashley Killough contributed to this report.