How to Answer Questions About Islam

Posted by The Christian Post on November 17, 2017 08:08:15 I want to begin by saying that I love reading the Qur’an.

I also love learning about the faith, but I don’t know if I will ever find a book that will give me the insight into its teachings that I’ve been longing for.

And that is precisely what this book is.

The Quran is a collection of stories and teachings that have shaped Islam in many ways over the past few thousand years.

And it is one of the most complex, complex, and influential books of the human race.

The first and most important thing you need to understand about the Quran is that it is a sacred text.

The Qur’ans purpose is not to give us instructions on how to live a life, but rather to provide a message of guidance that has helped shape and shaped the way we live our lives today.

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said that the book of the Quran was “one of the revelations of God.”

And in fact, there are many other revelations that we are just beginning to understand and appreciate.

The book of Islam is an immense work, a massive, complex book that is literally the word of God, and it has inspired, influenced, and shaped countless lives and societies around the world.

That is why it is so important to understand how it was created, how it has shaped the world, and what it means for our lives.

The word “Quran” means “Book of the Scriptures” in Arabic, and the Quranic text has been translated into many languages.

It is a huge collection of information and knowledge that has been handed down through the generations, and there is a reason why we call it the Book of the Sacred Texts.

In fact, it is written in a language that is completely unknown to us.

The original manuscript of the Qurayzah is a treasure trove of information.

There are hundreds of manuscripts in the collection, and some of them have never been touched by humans in centuries.

The earliest manuscript known to us is a 12th century copy of the book that was originally composed for the Holy Qur’án.

This is the most complete and accurate copy of any ancient text we have.

It was written in Arabic script, and this was the first Arabic language script known to humanity.

So the Quraysh is a great book.

The most important part of the Book is the Book (Qur’an) itself.

The Holy Qurayshi is the one that created Islam, and he was the one who introduced it into the world when he sent his prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) to the land of the Kaaba in Mecca, Saudi Arabia.

And the Holy Prophet Muhammad gave the Quran to Muhammad and his followers, and then he transmitted it to his followers in Medina.

Muhammad then passed the Holy Quran on to his descendants in the form of a law, the Quran, which became the basis of the Muslim faith.

This law was passed down through successive generations, by the descendants of the Prophet Muhammad.

And by the way, this law was not written in the traditional script, which is the Greek alphabet, or the Latin alphabet, which are the two major languages of the world today.

Instead, it was written using Arabic script.

The Book of Islam contains a great deal of information, which we will take a look at later in this article.

This book contains all the stories and traditions that have been passed down from the Prophet, and also contains the teachings of Islam that are found in the Quran.

This information is called the “Quranic Canon.”

The book contains many stories and narratives that are part of a complex and complex story of human history.

But the Quran does not teach us how to be Muslims.

Islam teaches us to live in peace, to be loving and kind to all beings, and to live peaceably and in harmony with all the other religions of the earth.

It also teaches us the importance of humility, of love, and compassion.

In addition to this, the Book teaches us how God created humans.

God created us from a single cell, but humans are not single cells.

We are two different beings.

The human body and the human spirit are not separate, but they are one body.

And God created our hearts, our minds, and our souls in perfect harmony with each other.

God gave us the ability to communicate with our fellow human beings, but he also gave us certain rights.

These rights were bestowed on all human beings through God’s bounty, the Qurʾan.

There is no such thing as a divine right or divine law that is applicable only to one human being.

The rights are universal, and they are given to all people irrespective of their religious or ethnic origin, race, or color.

This means that all people have rights, regardless of their ethnic background, their religion, their race, their ethnicity, or their skin color. These